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The girl with the lower back tattoo, quotes

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“By this point, I’d accepted as fact that there was no way he was attracted to me, and I figured he must have just liked hanging out with me. This is how it’s been my whole life. I’ve always assumed that men see me as just one of the guys, so when someone is interested in me as a girl I am floored. ”

“I felt so sad for us: a rock star and a whatever I am. But no matter who you are, you still feel all the same shit as everyone else.”

“I buy and flip through tabloids, which I believe causes cancer.”

“I think every girl left the class with a stupid grin, giggling, “Bye, Neal!” Kim and I are smarter than those girls, right? We’re annoyed by physically perfect people, because fuck you. They can’t also be funny. YOU AREN’T ALLOWED TO HAVE IT ALL! But even we were not immune to his charm. We would roll our eyes and look at each other like What the fuck?! because we couldn’t believe how hot he was and how he could reduce us to smirking schoolgirls. ”

“Kim has often messed with me when I have a crush on a guy and he has zero feelings for me. There was a guy who worked on season one of my TV show whom I was crazy about. So cute—this little bike-riding hipster who wouldn’t give me the time of day, even though I was literally paying for his time of day. One afternoon while shooting, Kim said, “Oh my God, Aim, don’t turn around, he is looking at you!” “Really?!!!” I shrieked. I slowly turned around and he was sleeping on a pile of equipment. What I’m saying is that not only does Kim not lie to me about guys having no interest in me, she enjoys it. ”

“On the evolution chart, this guy and I were at opposite ends. I was dragging my knuckles, sniffing around for bananas, throwing my own feces at tourists, and he was a Disney prince but with more sex appeal. I reached out and was all, “Can you help me with my diet?” and he was all, “Sure, let’s meet up at this healthy-eating place,” and I was all, “Here comes the bride.”.”

“it was embarrassing to be there with him, because everyone was looking at me like, Give me a break, bitch. And they were right. Not that I don’t deserve someone hot like that, or whatever I’m supposed to tell myself, but there is a line. You can be with someone kinda a li’l bit hotter or less hot than you, but if the levels are too off, people are furious. ”

“He could measure his place in the world by how much he had accumulated. This analysis is based on watching about three episodes of Hoarders and asking no one. I have no information is what I’m saying. But like every other girl I’m friends with, I like to diagnose people without any research.”

“Everyone’s parents have fucked them up in one way or another. This is part of the natural order. It’s the circle of life. Mothers are people—not angels from heaven or Ex Machina error-free service bots. Just because they pushed you out of their vaginal canals does not mean they have all (or any) of the answers. Before they had you, they were flailing around like idiots, just like you are right now. My point is, they are just people. Most likely extraordinarily flawed people.”

“How could she get up so early and smile so brightly? But that was always her MO—to decide on a new reality that made sense to her in the moment and force us to live in it with her.”

“It’s relaxing sometimes, just being human.”

“I don’t think I even wanted to live with Rick, but I wanted him to want to live with me. Being a woman is so fun!”

“In his younger, healthier days, my dad traveled, partied, philandered, and drank. I know he must miss those times. I feel fortunate I’m still able-bodied enough to make poor choices.”

“Talking about yourself all day long like that leaves you with a kind of emptiness that’s hard to describe. And it’s a lot to take on for someone like me who is so unfortunately prone to honesty.”

“I was beginning to think that my parents were, at their core, both loners. Maybe I was like them. What’s wrong with being alone anyway? Being alone is sometimes a great place to be”

“While we were hanging on the playground, the ten guys somehow convinced the six girls to lift up their shirts and show them their boobs. They’d presented the very good argument of “Why not?” We had no counterargument for that, so we lined up and, on the count of three, lifted our shirts.”

“This was my very first experience of the stripped-down, cold, unprotected space where vulnerability meets either confidence or shame. It was my choice, and I had to learn (I’m still learning) how to choose to be proud of who I am rather than ashamed. Lucky for me, I’m a woman, so I’ve had the opportunity to practice this lesson over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Ultimately, I just decided, fuck it, yeah, that’s my body, so what? There was more power in that position than I realized at the time.”

“When your fears come true, you realize they weren’t as bad as you thought. As it turns out, the fear is more painful than the insult. ”

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