jueves, febrero 23, 2012 Ionela Scoarta 0 Comments

There are some situations from which you can turn around and let everyone be. Close that chapter and move on. Watch some series, read some books/blogs, listen to some strange music, play some games… let time pass by and let yourself forget… like… give time to your memory to stop remembering and give your memory some interesting stuff to be filled with. And when that doesn´t work, or seems like it´s not enough ´cause you still(…) well… get some sleep and try again tomorrow.

I thought only God and I were unchangeable… that we were the only ones that would keep the feelings, the beliefs, the dedication… well… I guess I am not that unchangeable. I can change if I really want. I just… hoped I would never have to want to change when dealing with this kind of “stuff”.

Question: will I get used to this “new ability” of mine? I surely hope I don´t have to.


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